Whether your are entertaining business clients, planning a wedding, throwing a party, or a night out with friends, it is our goal to create those inspired hookahs that will leave a lasting impression.

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Our professionally trained hookah Servers will be on site taking care of everything; sheesha preparation, hookah setup, constant coal refreshers, and handle all cleaning duties. We want to bring the hookah experience to you with no effort required on your end.

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Bring to your venue

For those businesses looking to bring a new and exciting element to their venue, Harra Hookah is the perfect opportunity! Whether it is for a specific day or night of the week/weekend, a certain event, or even an extended period of time, we want to bring Harra’s high quality hookah experience to you and your customers.

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Rent our hookahs


If you are looking to just rent out the hookahs themself without our onsite hookah servers, we’ve also got you covered.

At Harra we make it convenient for our clients to rent high quality, full kit hookahs complete with everything you’ll need.